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Sighing Ashtin turned from leaning on his arm to on his back by her door and slowly slid to sit on the ground as he heard the door shut. Her words echoed through his head, so far he hasn't seen many friendly humans, in fact in his memory she was the only one he would consider tolerable. Pulling his legs in closer to his chest he rested his arms upon his knees letting out another sigh. When the sun was closer to coming up he would have to take refuge some where else, but he was uncertain if he should leave her here unguarded if they happen to be followed to his hideout.

well, he thought to himself, for now I'll just be alert for any danger and grab her if need be and run.

Ashtin started to remember some of what his parents taught him. If he showed honor, then he would receive honor in return. Hostility was met with hostility, and so on so forth. For now he figured he would start off back on the path his parents set for him, and watch over this human, for now anyways.

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