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That Korriban looks great! I played the Temple Mod, but didn't really enjoy the lack of plot or the half-done landscape. This one looks really good!
Is Aquilaris re-used or did you create it? It looks re-used (thats a compliment if you made it).

Also, looking at your photobucket pics, I noticed a lot:
-You have a LOT of screenies.
-You were working on a bunch of projects at one time.
-You used to be working on a custom module that included a custom model of Revan and 2 Tuk'atas? That looked really good; what happened to it?
-I did not know you worked on BOS:SR, but that stuff did look really good.
-You were working on a good-looking module of Mustafar, I think. What happened to that as well?

If you ditched them because of lack of plot, I could help you some with that =)
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