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Conrad cursed silently to himself as suddenly Jericho and another lad got involved in the fight. He was unable to take his shot, and it wasn't long until the prey had disappeared.

Suddenly, his cell phone began to ring and he answered it quickly, walking out of the stadium. He kept knocking metalheads over as they got in his way, he didn't care about anything right now, only that the prey had gotten away, and SOMEONE was going to pay for that.

"Stevenson. What am I here for? Are there any werewolves around?"

" seems I have encountered some...but my comrades are both incomepetant and stupid...they got in the way of the hunt. They'll pay."

He growled and knocked over another teenage metalhead, sending the boy straight into a food stand.

"You are here to assist in this hunt...I want you to get a posse together, begin checking apartment complexes 449 Huntington Drive and 3345 Jackson Way, off the Highway. I've been tracking these complexes for awhile, there are vampires there for sure...and perhaps werewolves. I have an ID on some of them, check your email for some more discreet info on that. I can't talk much longer, the local authorities dislike my work here, so this line may be tapped. Check those complexes."

He then hung up quickly, there wasn't much that he could trust right now, everyone was in position to try and crush Conrad and his organization. He would slaughter those people.

He moved quickly through the crowd, until he saw a peculiar group of teenagers.

They were with the girl who had been kidnapped by the Vampire.

He walked towards them.

"Wait, are you looking for your friend? I recognize you kids, and it seems we've had a problem, some sort of problem in the stadium."

Conrad took out a forged police ID and badge, showing it to them.

"Officer Jared Conklin, here to help."

It helps to get around, and Conrad had a thousand well-crafted IDs just like this one.

you very much
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