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As Moxie laid on the bed with the covers over her, she thought about her parents. She remembered those days she spent with them. Going places, making jokes, telling her what's right, protecting her. She slowly closed her hazel eyes.

Six years ago...

"Sweetie? you okay?" Her mother's voice said. She was 11-years-old, living with her parents.

"Yes ma'am. I'm fine," Moxie would answer. But deep inside, she was always shy.

Her mother, named Amelia, walked to her, and sat beside her. "You sure? I mean..." Amelia started to tickle little Moxie. "Because you don't want Mister Tickly-Tickle to get ya!" As her mother tickled her Moxie began to laugh.

Once the tickling stopped, Moxie hugged Amelia. "I love you, mommy..."

Present day...

Moxie sobbed sadly, thinking about all the wonderful times she had. "Mom. Daddy!" She cried sorrowfully through tears.


"Wait, are you looking for your friend? I recognize you kids, and it seems we've had a problem, some sort of problem in the stadium." The man showed them a police badge with an ID. "Officer Jared Conklin, here to help."

Sonya smiled. "Oh good. A police. Yes sir, we do need help. Our friend's been kidnapped by some... strange monster guy."
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