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I can't take it anymore; JK1 is so incomplete without the music, not even when taking in mind the dozen other compatibility issues. For $5, I've received an incomplete, broken 12-year-old game. What's even worse, is that the original discs included not only the elements in question, but they also didn't force you into a restrictive DRM scheme, so you could install the game on any system, rather than one with an internet connection.

What's really irks me is the fact that this is a 12-year-old game; LucasArts had plenty of time to understand and resolve the hundreds of compatibility issues that plague the game. I also blame Valve for not enforcing higher quality standards in their releases; if they had set stricter compatibility and quality standards, much like with, then there would've been a great fewer number of problems. also don't force you to install any draconian DRM system, and it also provides you with a bounty of extras, including game soundtracks, artwork, or wallpapers. So, if you want but an older game, always check first; you'll be getting a much better product in the long run.

If you're as agitated as I am with JK1, then ask Valve for a refund. Send LucasArts a message: If you don't give us a complete, functional copy of a game, then you won't receive our money for it. Don't create a petition or vow to not buy any LucasArts game again, becuase you will eventually. All of the other games in the JK Collection bundle run absolutely perfectly on my computer, and I love those games dearly, but JK1 is a total waste of money. Hell, if you're that desperate to play JK1, then just go and pirate it; at least you'll be getting the full, original game at very little monetary expense.
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