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Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
The last two pictures in the Korriban section remind me of the entrance to the temple where Harrison Ford retreived the Holy Grail (briefly) in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
Héhéhé, well, the temple, I think its a roman thing, in the movie was based on this real place, somewhere in the middle east... IIRC.

Anyway, since I started to think about the canyon and how to fill it with good looking things, that Indie theme kinda popped up in my head

Originally Posted by none223 View Post
That Korriban looks great! I played the Temple Mod, but didn't really enjoy the lack of plot or the half-done landscape. This one looks really good!
Is Aquilaris re-used or did you create it? It looks re-used (thats a compliment if you made it).
Aqualaris is all made from scratch mate, nothing re-used, that was infact the challenge. Do a big mod without re-using anything from the games.

Originally Posted by none223 View Post
Also, looking at your photobucket pics, I noticed a lot:
-You have a LOT of screenies.
-You were working on a bunch of projects at one time.
-You used to be working on a custom module that included a custom model of Revan and 2 Tuk'atas? That looked really good; what happened to it?
-I did not know you worked on BOS:SR, but that stuff did look really good.
-You were working on a good-looking module of Mustafar, I think. What happened to that as well?
If you ditched them because of lack of plot, I could help you some with that =)
- The Residential Zone of Aqualaris has been tweaked endlessly and a lot of re-exports. So a lot of shots was needed to show the differance to GM and of course just for fun.

- Well... Korriban is very recent, I think about 2 weeks now. Aqualaris is somewhere from last year December. Scrapyard Games I won't talk about

- Revan and 2 tukata's was in memory for SithRevan, a very good modder and friend of us, who took his own life... its, well, very sad... So far I've no idea if its actually that morale to release a mod, even if it is in his honour, I just have doubt.

- Ah, BoS: SR, did 4 models for that: Mandalores Bridge, The hidden temple in that large cave, centrale room and a large cliff path thing at the end of the mod.

- Mustafar look-alike is a very old crazy idea, it involved Stargate into Star Wars, but I never got far... And in the end I wasn't pleased with it. So its scrapped.

Originally Posted by Mono_Giganto View Post
@Q: Nice screens, I especially like the Korriban areas, they're very well done.
Thank you, the canyon is just one area. And there are only shots shown of that, because, well, thats all I made so far.

Originally Posted by darth-me View Post
Great work Quanon! Love it when a great modder makes a WIP . Now I've got another thread to drool over.
Which game is the Korriban Expansion for? I can see that Aqualaris is for K2, but I'm i'n the dark on Korriban...
Anyway, great work!
Aqua is TSL.
Korriban Expanded, is for K1. Though I'll release it later for TSL aswell.
I just need to find some other ways how you can get there. The overall little hook I planned to link my areas fits better with K1, as the Sith are active there. Looking for ancient ruins.

Originally Posted by newbiemodder View Post
Q..your valley is awesome..great minds must think alike. I always thought Korriban was a little lacking. I'm working on reskin of 902Mal to be a valley floor where you enter behind the EH and find a secret sith academy(traya acad reskin)...I'm using 506ond, queens palace, for the inside of the acad reskinned of course..

Nice to hear, but so far, like I said above, Korriban Expanded is for K1.

Thanks for the great responses everybody; critics may be given aswell, though I can't promise if I'll follow them

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