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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
Can something be done about adding the music back in? Not that I care enough or know how to do that, but I'd add some files if someone else figured it out.
You'd probably have to rip the music from the CDs, via some utility, and then modify the executable to not scan CD drives for the music, and instead point it towards a certain directory. It wouldn't be terribly difficult if you owned the source code (Which, apparently, LucasArts claims that it went "missing". Go figure. ), and then modified a few scripts to point the game to the ripped music files, instead of having it search the CD drives for the files.

While that seems fairly easy for LA to accomplish, it's essentially impossible for any fan-made project, unless if you want to reverse engineer and rewrite the whole SITH Engine. Again, that's why I'd still say that simply "finding" the isos would be dramatically easier, as that is really the only path to get the complete game, in its entirety.
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