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Originally Posted by Slstoev View Post
Some of the pics of the expanded Korriban remind of Tatooine
In what way, if I may ask. Is it all the sand ?
Or something else, I'm curious

Originally Posted by Marius Fett View Post
You finally made your WIP thread then, eh Q?
You've been saying you're going to for long enough.
@Everyone else: those Aqualaris areas look even better when you're actually ingame.
Tssss, don't spoil it for everyone you!

And yeah I finanly came clean

Originally Posted by none223 View Post
Heyy, since Aquilaris is a custom module, couldn't you put it in both K1 and TSL? I only have K1, but would it be possible to put it in both games?
I know that some of the NPCs would look different, but it seems like the basic concept would be the same.....
Well, TSL was chosen, because it offered more scripting power... or so GM made me believe. It also had to do I thought I could make this the BoS:SR mod for TSL, but.... that's perhaps taken it to far

I can't promise you anything. As Aqualaris is well, more at the back now. I'm not certain how fast I'll shift back to that.

Now I do have a minor news/ update thing.
My PC has now been rendering for 2 days to get a small movie ready.
A fly through the canyon model. Its not that long but rendering takes time.
A lot of time.

Of course I could "waste' that time on getting the model in the game, but I just love doing these things. Plus I had to help around the house, these last 2 days, so I couldn't sit behind my PC anyway.

Anyway 2 sections of the little movie are ready, got about 3 to 4 more to do.
It takes like +- 4 minutes to render 1 frame. And I have 600 frames.

Well, it comes down to about +- 6 hours a part. Jolly

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