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Originally Posted by Muklin View Post
Was running the CPU one. But changed to the GPU shortly after. Tried to set up that FahMon but i've got no idea with it haha.
Yep, youve appeared on our stats page so you have the clients set correctly 11 WUs already!!

The Standford Uni stats are available from right clicking your system tray icon>status>teams stats or HERE>

kakaostats keeps some more detailed stats

Fahmon can be downloaded with an installer or as a zip which runs from wherever you extract it. Once you start it, first click 'download new projects' so it can update its list of what projects are being distributed.

all you need to do is "add client" >>
>under "name" you can call it what you like - most name it after their graphics card, or you could call it "Betsy"
>under location> press the browse button and find your f@h folder >> in most cases its in : C>program files>folding@home>folding@home-gpu

once you select this folder, fahmonshould start doing its job


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