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Thanks for posting it, and I skimmed it again, but I don't see quite what you mean, except that it is a bit vague.

The article in question covers the "DLC" (down-loadable content) for The Force Unleashed. However it doesn't mention whether this is separate, all there is or whatever.

I *thought* that all but one of the "new" missions in "Ultimate Sith Edition" were already labelled "DLC" for the original Force Unleashed, and my guess here was they were "saving time" by just doing a review of that new stuff.

However it is in the "PC" section and they have a picture of USE to the left, making it LOOK like they're saying that the PC version had DLC as well.

Perhaps the PC version is just "TFU" on the PC and you have to (pay?) to download the new stuff?

My hunch is perhaps GS just got lazy and posted this up to "cover the bases" for people who were interested in the new material. They have a habit of reviewing the same game on multiple platforms, but copying and pasting the same exact review minus a few new sentences of text to distinguish it from the others (and often they don't even review the PC version at all, after reviewing the Xbox and other consoles).

So I'm going to say don't take it too seriously, they're probably just trying to save space. If there were an unambiguous statement in it that the PC version would NOT include the bonus content or that the bonus content would be included but NOT the original game, that would be different.

So once again, I'm going to stick with what I heard first, which is that the PC version of Sith Edition is just going to be like TFU on the PS3/360, but with the extra levels already selectable.

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