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The stench of the sewers was enough to make anyone gag, but to be inside with your face inches away from the murky water was a whole different level. This was Jericho's current situation, and it wasn't improving. Not only had he lost where the vampire could have gone but he was also trapped in the maze of the sewers. He had been searching for some time now and couldn't find any trace of vampire. He stopped himself for a second and remembered that he had that girl with him. He had been using his eyes to see in the dark when he should have used his glasses to find traces of the girl. He put the glasses on and smiled a hand print was lit against one of the walls. He smiled as he began to follow the occasional hand print he saw. The smile was quickly taken away as he thought about what would happen to the poor girl if he didn't get to her in time. He moving until he reached a wall with no other way out. He looked around puzzled for a few seconds before he climbed the wall. He began to feel the wall until he found something odd. One part of the wall felt seperated from the rest of the wall. He couldn't pull it or he'd fall back into the sewer. Kicking it might make it fall back into place so he attempted to push it out of the way. To his surprise the rock moved with ease and there was somesort of room on the other side. He put his special sunglasses in his pocket and jumped through the hole. He pulled out both his revolvers and began to search the room.

Time for the hunt

John was a little uneasy about the cop. First off John had a gun and secondly he didn't recall seeing this cop anywhere during the vampire skirmish.

"To be specific the thing was a vampire. Believe what you want but I was there officer and I know what I saw."
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