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His legs were stretched out in front of him as Ashtin say by the door to the room Moxie was currently using. Something about that girl was either odd or familiar to him he couldn't really figure it out. And that fact frustrated him as he traced his memories. Unfortunately he was active for so long that as time passed he erased things that no longer held any interest to him. Ashtin let out a soft sigh of frustration as he rested his right arm on top of his right knee, the back of his head resting against the wooden wall. Slowly he closed his eyes listening to the heart beat of the female was now in possession of.

Her heart beats at time were earatic, and quick, Ashtin figured she was either remembering something exciting or heartbreaking. Noticing the smell of the sewer was getting stronger a small grin formed on the left corner of his mouth. Ashtin wanted to allow Moxie the time to rest and regain her strength as much as she possible could before he had to wake her if the danger to her was going to be intense.

Dammit..., Ashtin thought angrily to himself, why do I feel this need to protect her? She is food....nothing but food... but.... In his frustration Ashtin raised his left hand and made a fist before smashing it down into the floor splintering the wood from the impact.

Humans are so.... confusing...

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