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Ashtin slowly raised his head and looked at the guns the half-breed was pointing towards him. Letting out a soft laugh he started shaking his head and returning his sight to the floor. Ashtin gave props to the half-breed for being persistent, but would his persistence pay off in the end. Slowly Ashtin raised himself off the ground and crossed his arms over his chest and laid his back against the wall. Then he watched as his hunter lowered his aim.

"Wait...the girl is still alive? You actually let her live, why?"

Smiling, Ashtin turned his head towards Jericho and tilted it slightly to the left. His senses much be weak if he couldn't notice the girl was alive when he entered his home. Of course Ashtin figured he was expecting to much from the half-breed standing before him.

"Do you think you could be a little more quiet? She is trying to sleep." Ashtin said to Jericho. "At first my intention was on killing her. But after the display at the Stadium, you could say I lost my appetite." Ashtin let out another sigh "I suppose you can wake her and ask her if she wants to leave. That choice is completely up to you."

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