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Ashtin stood up straight away from the wall and placed his hands behind his head. Jericho asked a good questions, one Ashtin didn't have a definite answer too. Ashtin figured he could ponder about it all night or he could wake up Moxie and find out what she wanted to do.

"You could say there is something familare about her..." He said to Jericho figuring an answer he wasn't completely positive of was betting then no answer at all.

After Ashtin gave his answer he heard a large eruption at the bottom of his stairs at his front door. Slowly the smell of a warewolf filled the air. This wasn't good, if a battle took place here it would certanely have fatal consequences for Moxie.

Smiling he looked over at Jericho saying "I'll let you deal with your hairy partner downstairs." then slowly Ashtin turned into mist and seeped through the cracks into Moxie's room.

Running over towards her he slid on the ground and fell to his knees as he hand grabbed hold of her arm and started to shake her.

"You need to get up... Get Up!" Ashtin was starting to yell for Moxie to get up.

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