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"A-Ashtin? What's going on?"

At this point Ashtin wasn't really sure if he should give her an honest answer and scare her more then she probably already was of the situation, or lie about it.

Yea... and what am I going to say, there is a clown down stairs handing out strange candy...

Shaking his head Ashtin looked into Moxie's eyes "One of the werewolves followed us and broke down my door. We need to run. It would easier if I carried you. Are you alright with that?"

Suddenly Ashtin looked over and noticed the werewolf was in the room with them. Well this isn't good..., quickly he grabbed Moxie into his arms and jumped away from the werewolves attacks.

"Well that other vampire was completly useless." he mumbled frustrated to himself.

Scanning the room Ashtin saw the window and made a dash towards it. He covered the human female with his arms and jumped through it and landed on the ground quickly regaining himself to start running again.

"Do you have any place where you can go? Some place safe for you?" He asked Moxie.

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