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Name: Nala Deshan
Homeplanet: Korriban
Saber style: Single saber.
Species: Human
Backround Info: Nala was always never treated like, well, an adult. Even though She was 19, the Jedi treated her like a child, like a youngling. She wanted power, and the foolish council would retreat behind their closed doors, gossiping like old men. She knows the ways of the Dark side of the force strongly, but is still only a Knight. She was kicked out of the Jedi Order for killing another Knight in training. She dyed her cloak black, and destroyed her ties to the Order by killing her master in his sleep, she force choked him.
She wears a Mandalorian suit beneath her cloak.
Nala gazed around, looking to where the other students might come in. Her hood shadowed half of her face, leaving only her mouth visible. Finally, she was able to train within the true order. And not be troubled by meddlesome Jedi. Withdrawing her arm, she looked to her wrist, and inserted a code. The time came up. It was late in the afternoon, but of course that thing had been broken for ages. She sat, looking to Chartler as she stood up, and walked over. "Greetings" she announced quietly.
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