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"I'm not going to hurt you, I'd never bring harm to a human or let harm be done by another. I wouldn't have followed you through the sewers if I wasn't telling the truth. My name is Jericho and I work for an organization that hunts supernaturals. Now you mentioned your uncle's home, just tell me where that is and I'll get you there. Do you want to call him?"

Moxie looked up at him nervously. A man that hunts the Supernatural? She always thought the Supernatural was just misunderstood by others. She believed that they just wanted to be left alone.

Then she made a small smile. "Hello, Jericho. My name's Moxie Stuart. Well... my uncle lives in Forest Hills. It's just a few miles away; not far."

The young girl looked down. "I just hope that Ashtin's okay..."
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