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I thought I'd posted these in this thread ages ago, but apparently not.

My Radeon 4850 has previously had problems with the character creation screen of both K1 and TSL. Under previous versions of ATI's Catalyst driver it caused the GPU to become non-responsive requiring a system reset. The only way to play either game was to start from a save made on another machine (at the time of writing though, newer Catalyst drivers seem to have resolved this). I have a scoundrel save for K1 and a consular save for TSL. These are at the very start right after the initial cutscenes with empty inventories etc.

K1_Starting_Save_Scoundrel.7z (179 KB)

TSL_Starting_Save_Consular.7z (193 KB)

You can change the name, sex, class, head, and stats to whatever you prefer using KSE.
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