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Reality of Pheyzosia

Our perception of reality is what we can taste, touch, see, smell, and can be defined as logical. But what if the unlogical became reality. For one person living in today's world they are about to experience just that when they are torn from this world into a different reality. A reality where magic, gods/goddess, and mythical creatures roam freely among the land. Making what they believe to be true shatter to pieces as reality takes on a new form.

The planet known as Pheyzosia. A planet where not only humans exist but, elves and other creatures as well. Life is good for the people of this planet, but dark forces are brewing in the shadows undetected. Several creatures, even the gods have had some of they're power stripped away by this unknown force. Though every living thing contains a certain amount of magic, in most is so small they wouldn't even notice it was missing. For some however, magic is they're basic life essence, and with out it they would surly fade into a distant memory.

Can this person of our world help these creatures regain they're former powers? Or will the dark side of it all be to tempting? Will this person ever find a way back home?


Tyathe was laying up on the fresh dew covered grass as the sun was slowly rising over the distant mountains. The smell of the fresh air was calming to his senses, even to for a demon they could find some peace here. Times before Tyathe would come here and listen to the worlds talks but the world of Pheyzosia has fallen silent for him. It was a curiuos thing for one as old as him to lose the ability to hear and see everything that went on in the world, but he did enjoy the peace a little.

Laying upon the ground in his demon fox form he stretched, popping his joints. Laughing slightly as each pop sounded like thunder across the sky. He wasn't in control of the weather or anything like that he was just there, existing as he did every day. Some though of him as a god, while other nothing more then a terrifying demon. Tyathe didn't really believe there was anything terrifying about him if one got to truly know him. But creatures would act how they usually do and would probably do so centuries later.

His ears twitched sensing something was wrong, quickly jumping to his feet he started to look around and noticed some kind of shining portal, reflecting a strange world to him. Tall gray buildings, dull scenery, no plans or anything that resembled life. Slowly he got closer to it sniffing it with his nose. It was definitely magical, but in the distance there was something.

Not yet feeling the need to be seen by what ever was moving towards the portal he jumped back and turned into his human form. His white fur turning into white hair. This form made him feel naked in a way, but would have to do. The red tips of his tail traveled down to his left arm, and made it seem like it was glowing a little. There he sat in a tree watching the portal, waiting a little excitedly for what would come through.

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