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Kyuzo plodded slowly along the rocky road in the land of Pheyzosia. He could feel his sandals crush dirt with each step, and little pebbles losing their place and falling to the ground lower then the road.

Despite his blindness, the Samurai knew exactly where he was going. The darkness in his eyes had not affected his ability to understand the world around him.

If anything, it had increased it. He could hear the fluttering of wings in the distance, the rustle of leaves in the soft wind, smell the morning dew of the grass by the road, feel the many creatures rustling around in their homes beneath the road. No traveler passing him by at his slow pace.

At last, in this world not his own, Kyuzo had found his peace.

The Swordsmen was now a self-proclaimed Gaurdian to the newcomers of Pheyzosia, and was right now heading to the portal to meet another one.

They always had many questions, and were deeply afraid in the world of Pheyzosia, for good reason.

And that is why Kyuzo dedicated himself to helping them and protecting them until they were properly ready.

The portal was not far now, and he could sense that he was not the only one waiting for a newcomer.

He took a breath and licked his lips, preparing to say something, and trying to feel out who it was.

Then it came to him.

"You are out early, young Demon Fox, why is it that you wait here?"

The Samurai used his red sword/cane to feel out a rock in front of him, he then moved around it and sat down upon it, facing the Demon Fox.

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