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Grugh opened his eyes to a stone ceiling. He sat up with no effort at all, then turned his head around to figure out where he was. He picked up the scent of a human, then realized where he was. He was in his cave, one he claimed hundreds of years ago. And a human was stepping on it.

It did not take long for Grugh's small mind to process that information. Grugh was able to stand up, for this cave was great and it could hold him. He did so, and seeing this, the human tried to run away. Grugh crouched then scooped the human with his hand, studying it as he brought it closer to his face.

"Let me go! Let me go!", The human pleaded as it tried to shake its arms and legs away from the hands of Grugh. Grugh tightened his grip on the creature, then put it close to his mouth. He opened his gigantic mouth and slobber dripped out of it. He tore out the head of the human, ending his screams. He chewed on the head, ignoring the skull and the other bones.

He then dropped the rest of the human's body in his mouth, consuming it as he walked out of his cave. He saw a lot of things outside, but one thing caught his attention the most. Two humans, one of them a swordsman. Grugh brought his lumbering body there, little earthquakes happening with his every footstep.

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