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Tyathe sat upon the branch of the tree looking down at Kyuzo. Tyathe stayed in his human form, sitting in trees in his true form was to bothersome considering his size. Leaning his back against the tree trunk, resting the back of his head on his hands, as his left leg dangled from the branch he smiled slightly.

"You are out early, young Demon Fox, why is it that you wait here?"

"Just simply enjoying the start of this soon to be beautiful day." Tyathe responded.

Suddenly the ground shook in small vibrations. Turning his head to the right he noticed a Mountain troll heading they're way. Letting out a soft sigh, Tyathe closed his eyes and started to ralax more into the tree. The Mountain troll himself wasn't much of a concern to him. As his left leg dangled off the branch he flexed his toes making them crack. The only downfall to his human from was that it didn't look completely human. His feet looking slightly like human feet still contained animal features. Tyathe's hands only contained had the same feature, and his eyes remained the same as they did in his true form, a dark blue with a red hint.

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