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Originally Posted by Forogorn
What I'm really trying to point out is all Jedi are weak and powerful at the same time. All have their weaknesses, and all have their strength. It's just the weaknesses that people forget.
And yet strangely you can only cite Revan's weaknesses and none of his strengths while citing Anakin's strengths and none of his weaknesses.

For the record, have I cited Anakin's strengths in my own posts? Yes, I have cited that immense Force potential he has. But I am being realistic and recognizing that massive power can only get you so far without focus. That's why Revan, with a somewhat lesser amount of potential and lots of focus, wins hands down.

Does Revan have a weakness? I'd say yes, because in the case of his Sith Empire and war to Save the Galaxy from the True Sith he tried to have it both ways: benevolent Sith. While such a thing is perfectly possible, it is very difficult given the influence that Exar Kun's lot have had over all subsequent versions of the Sith ideology. Also, since the Sith hold a more individualist approach, its followers are generally less inclined to be helpful. However, it might have been possible for Revan over time to remove the random cruelty and betrayal that only serves to weaken Sith rather than empower them. Yet Revan wanted them to be perfect off the bat.

Should he have foreseen Malak's betrayal? Not really. How do you foresee the betrayal of a friend so close you can call him brother?

Ultimately Revan is still human, he is by no means a God or invincible or the greatest Jedi ever or the greatest Sith ever. However, he is obviously on a higher level than Anakin. A Dark Lord of the Sith, expert Force user, and brilliant strategist will defeat an extremely emotionally-unstable Jedi Knight.

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