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Tyathe yawned as he stretched still relaxing in the tree branch. The troll could sound threatening all he wanted but Tyathe was to comfortable to be moved from this spot, even if being in human form was a little cramped. However he did feel a little insulted for being called human, granted Trolls were never the smartest beings around. To demonstrate the fact that he wasn't human Tyathe raised his hand and squeezed it into a fist, cracking his knuckles but this time the sound of thunder did roar as he did that. Slowly he brought down his hand and examined it showing his dark blue with the reddish outline.

"Well isn't this interesting." he said to himself still looking at his hand "Guess this problem is bigger then I first figured... Ohh well."

Tyathe rolled off of the branch and fell to the ground transforming into his true form. A Fox Demon, his fur white that was a little transparent. Spreading out his nine tails that had a slight blue haze to it, and red ends. An electrifying mist seemed to pour off of him as he stood on all fours standing about half the size of the Troll before him.

"Now do you really feel like insulting me again." Tyathe said threateningly, his tails becoming encircled by intense lighting showing how serious he was.

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