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Smith saw Vlad leave the home in a hurry as well as the plane roaring over head. "So," he said aloud to nobody. "We've got the zombies back again, we've got some nominal help from the Japanese Government, Atrianna is slightly out of it, and we have another Aiden on our hands...." He sighed a little. "Great."

After making sure he had all his weapons and other assorted goods on him he walked towards the door before turning to Shayla and Doc Wilson.

"You two can either stay here and stay put or come with me. I'm not dictating, but it would be foolish to have both of you wander off..." He grinned slightly, neither of them seemed like candidates for simply wandering off. "Anyway, I think I saw several 'chutes and I want to check 'em out."

((Wow, talk about necro-thread.))

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