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By now, the stadium had emptied. The show was over, it seemed. Valentine looked down at lifeless stadium with empty seats and the cleaning crew. The police and forensics team arrived to examine the large hole through the wall that lead to the sewers.

Valentine, whats the current situation. the voice through his earpiece queried.

"Forensics have arrived. They are currently examining the the a large hole through the wall. They're currently wondering what size force could possibly cause that type of damage."

"Any victims?"

Valentine stared throughout the stadium. His eyes suddenly suddenly glew red as he squinted. His infrared vision had served him greatly. He looked across to see a weak heat source. "Hold on."

He leaped a great distance and landed behind post made of support beams. He saw a pile of ash - with tiny specs of a glowing ember. He single blobs of red on the concrete floor. He wiped his finger across it and extracted what remaining cells by licking it.

human blood he thought.

"We have one human victim. Vampire, no doubt - he converted the remains to ash, to make it difficult to identify the body."

"Looks like its the same guy we've been tailing for the past few months."

"Looks like it. I'll see if I can extract some surveilance video footage, before the forensics team can swipe them."

"Be on the lookout, Valentine. AWO agents have been spotted in your area. I want you to see what they are up to, once you've copied the surveilance video footage."

"Affirmative. Over and out."

Valentine looked up at the moonlight. "This is gonna be one long night..." he thought.
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