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"Just simply enjoying the start of this soon to be beautiful day."

This made Kyuzo smiled, "It is good to see that those of this world still partake in the simple things."

The Samurai suddenly felt the thump-thump of an incoming giant. As to how he knew this is fairly obvious.

"Oy! This my home! You be leavin' now humies, or I've got dis thing ready for you!"

Kyuzo's ears perked up at the Giant.

"Hmmm...I would disagree with you, noble giant. You're home is over there, the nice cave beneath the road..."

With that, the Samurai stood and walked towards the portal. He could feel it.

The Newcomer would soon be here.

He stood in front of the portal and after a few minutes of patient waiting, Kyuzo felt the portal move in the ground, and a loud noise arose.

And right on time, someone flew out and hit the ground in front of the Samurai. The newcomer had the distincy smell of a female, a human female. Perhaps from the same world Kyuzo had come from? He did not know this, but he would help her nonetheless.

"Am I in... Heaven?"

Kyuzo chuckled and smiled, "Not quite, young woman. Though it is very nice to your eyes I imagine."

Despite his blindness, his acute senses knew exactly where she was. He gently helped her up to her feet.

"Might I ask who you are?"

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