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Running along the roof tops of the buildings he listening closely to the steps of the werewolf following after him. Once it started to get closer Ashtin would pick up his pace. The park had to be up head, it was one of his favorite feeding grounds. Foolish children sneaking out late at night, getting lost, or caught in what they believe to be romance. All things he considered useless and foolish.

That girl... what is it about that girl?...

It started to bother him that even though he should be worrying by his own survival his thoughts kept traveling to the that human female, Moxie. As he drew closer to the park he heard a scream of another, different female. Then suddenly it came to him, the familiarity of Moxie to him.

However she looked different now, older, little more wiser. Feeling a small grin form on his face as slowly the memory of that night came back to him.

In the past...

Ashtin was stalking some humans in the park, and feeding when he heard the small whimpers in the distance. Dropping his lifeless food to the ground he stood up straight and licked the stray drops of blood off of his lips. There a few feet away stood a terrified little girl. Both standing there looking into each others eyes, something about this girl struck a familiar cord. Slowly he walked closer to the trembling human girl looking at her with curious eyes. Soon he stood over her looking down at her, then slowly he knelt down onto one knee.

"What are you doing out here this late..." he asked.

The girl responded to his inquiries the best she could. Soon she found where she lived and returned her. That was the first time he allowed Moxie the pleasures of life. At that time he hopped she wouldn't waste it like so many of her kind seemed intent on doing. Leaping away form her window sill he disappeared into the night.

The Present

"Still you remind me of her..." he said to himself a slight laugh in his voice.

Suddenly he heard a loud howl in the background and a fist slam behind him sending him flying forward and off the side of a building into an ally way. As he fell he turned himself to face on the on coming ground, then landed on his feet smiling. The smell of the park was near, and he brought a rush through Ashtin, the smell of the humans that were roaming the park made his hunter growl and echo through him. In an attempt to keep his hunger under control he continued to run towards the park, hoping that the werewolf would scare away the humans still in the park.

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