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Noticing the the Mountain Troll turned his attention away from Tyathe towards the one that came through the portal. Now Tyathe felt more insulted then he did earlier. Being calling a human he could handle, but being ignored was something else. Quickly he jumped into the air and over the Troll landing in between the troll, and the two humans.

"Now, now. You are either really brave, or really stupid. But I can assure you, no one here meant to trespass upon your domain. We just simply wish to travel though." Tyathe said to the troll, his voice echoing through the air as he growled at the troll through his teeth.

The troll would really be no match for him, but Tyathe didn't really think the Troll understood the power Tyathe held. Though he has been greatly diminished over the past couple days, he was sure that he could still easily take Mountain Troll. Turning his head towards the two humans he examined them.

"I suggest you take your friend some where else. This place may become dangerous."

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