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Chaos was awakened with an odd sensation inside of him. He was sound asleep when he felt that something was different today. He extended and black plant to the top of the planet. The sick looking planet grew an eye so that Chaos could see what it was seeing. A human girl fell onto the ground from some strange portal. The plant closed its eye and Chaos was left speechless.

That girl, where did she come from? She could be the key to my vengence.

The plant's eye opened again and now the girl was surrounded by a warrior and that blind fool Kyuzo. The three were facing a large mountain troll, who obivously would be too stupid to care about the girl who appeared from nothingness. Chaos refused to have such a wonderful gift be taken from him. He roared in a rage and began to make his was towards the surface. He took the shape of a dragon before reaching the surface. Chaos burst through the ground and floated in the sky. His red eyes looked over at the troll.

"Mountain troll, stand down now or face the wrath of Chaos!"
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