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"Well... my name's Emily Gordo. I'm from Japan. Well... I'm mainly from America."

This caught Kyuzo's attention.

Is it truly possible? Can she really be from the Home Islands?

It had been so long since he'd even thought about his home in the other world, things must've deeply changed. He had so many questions for her, but now was not the best time.

"O--okay. Wh-what's going on? Tell me I must be dreaming..."

Kyuzo scrunched his eyebrows and shook his head.

"I wish I could say it was...but no..."

He understood her confusion, and with luck, he'd be able to help her understand Pheyzosia.

The troll was beginning to get very loud, and it was hurting Kyuzo's sensitive ears.

But another, much more unexpected and unwanted thing happened. The arrival of a Dragon of Chaos.

The Forces of Chaos had never been on good terms with the Samurai, and Kyuzo also knew that they were the most whole-heartedly evil force in Pheyzosia. They reminded him of the terrible bandit lords that had tormented the people of Japan many years ago. Kyuzo had fought them then, he would fight them now. But right now, he needed to get 'Emily' to a safe place. Right now, that would be his home in the Southern forest, which wasn't too far, but was in an area unreachable by Chaos, for the mostpart anyway.

"I suggest you take your friend some where else. This place may become dangerous."

"I understand, Demon will know where to find us."

He grabbed Emily by the arm and began walking as fast as he could towards the southern forests.

He chuckled aloud.

"I wish I could see this right now....a blind man leading a sighted woman to safety...heh."

His other hand rested on his red cane, ready to draw his blade at any time.

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