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((so uhh.... when will we have daylight?))

Standing there Ashtin waited for the last possible second and dove right through his closing grasp and in between his legs. Quickly he drove his fingers into the ground to stop him from sliding to far back. He had to think of something quick, something to calm down this enraged beast. Ashtin had met several werewolves like this, who were new so the transformation drove them mad. In the end they either learned to control themselves or had to be put down.

From the smell of the werewolf he was still basically young and new to the transformation that was taking over his body for the night. Perhaps another chase would do the werewolf good, ware him down. Ashtin turned around and started running again through the park.

Just have to keep going... Waste time for the sun to come... Ashtin thought to himself as he was running faster then the normal human eye could see.

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