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As it will continue to go in circles when we compare two greats from different eras who would never face each other or even see each other. Even though, I'm sure Anakin learning about Revan in the Jedi Archives, maybe he even saw a Jedi holocron dating back to that time. The sith archive was locked to anyone lower than the rank of master, but as a Padawan and Knight he would have access to the rest of the archives of course.

However, there is a potential way that we can get Revan and Anakin to face one another in mortal combat. And, that would be through video game simulation.

Take Anakin from the Revenge of the Sith video game, and pit him against, let's go with lightside Revan, give them both the right AI and let them go at it. You can do this with Jedi Academy, anyway. Movie Battles II, for example, would be my best choice for setting up this match.

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