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Carsew had also felt the ripples as the human arrived on Pheyzozia. He smiled. This could be useful for him. He was in a dark fortress, his home and base. Outside there was soldiers practicing in sword and bow. He stepped out on his balcony and jumped out. Falling down he turned into his demon form and then flew towards the human. Seconds later two more flying creatures, mages, joined him.

An hour later he arrived at the scene, seeing a man leading off the girl, with Chaos standing watch. He and his creatures flew down towards them. They were fighting over some liar. Carsew smiled and landed close to the woman.

"It doesn't really matter who is the liar," he said with a smile on his lips as he changed into human form. "Come my dear, I will help you to safety." He held out his hand towards the woman, a charming smile on his lips.

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