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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
Yep, it did, along with a bunch of other planets. Have you ever played it, or did you just forget about it?
I did play that game a lot with friends. Didn't remember much of it really.

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
Aqualaris in Episode I Racer

This video isn't great but it's the only one I could find.
Héhéhé, thanks for that, my planet looks mighty differant though. But, hey, my mod takes place in the old republic, a long time before Anakin and the rest

Originally Posted by Slstoev View Post
Quanon it looks like korriban looks as if it's tatooine because the look of the buildings,their color,all the sand and it looks a little too cheery to be korriban .
Well Korriban and Tatooine are both desert planets, but Korriban is very red/orange. Tatooine, IIRC has only very open, dunes in the game.
And has more brown tones.

Now this is out door, and its less open then you think
Though the temple interiour will be darker, though don't expect it to look like the tombs.

The temple is not a grave, it was used by the Sith for all kinds of rituals.
I'm trying to show more of the old Sith as a civilazation, not just the place where the bury there dead lords.

Anyway perhaps I better get some ingame shots

Originally Posted by Arconon View Post
Your WIPs look magnificent Quanon, it's amazing how far KotOR modding has been able to grow in spite all the limited resources. You guys do tremendous work!
Also thanks for still doing things for K1; I detest TSL, so I am so grateful to all the modders who continue to mod the original game with such quality content as BoS and now your amazing looking expansion of Korriban.
I eagerly await to see where you take the expansion
Thanks for the support!

Kotor modding has taken a few bounds forward. Waiting on another one: lightmaps. That'll really finish the looks of our new made area models.
We're stuck with a very generale lighting and you can't really do very nice stuff with that.

Oh, I think I might have that little flythrough movie ready soon!
Tonight or perhaps tomorrow.

EDIT: Bad luck folks, me and dad where working on the attic. Replacing old insulation, when we hit an electric wire, a nice flash effect and we where in the dark.

So my render was interrupted by that accident, was already 7 hours into it, just needed to do 11 frames, but alas!

Anyway, I'll concentrate on the walkmesh tonight and then look when to finish that last long render.


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