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Tyathe laid there on the ground next to the girl still in his demon form. His from legs crossed before him, he let out a soft sigh and laid his head upon his legs. He was certain that all this commotion over her was only frightening her more. However, he did find it strange that two of the darkest creatures he knew where after this human. While standing up, he shook his body and stretched before turning his head towards the girl.

"I'm certain right now you are confused. If there is one thing I've learned of your kind over the years you should trust your instincts. They are usually right." He said to the girl before turning and walking towards the near by tree line and laying back down.

The thing about when Tyathe spoke, his mouth and lips never moved. His voice just simply echoed in everyone's head. But when he was in his human form, he spoke like regular humans did and just spoke with the power of his own voice.

Laying there Tyathe once again returned to enjoying the moist green grass as the sun continued to slowly rise over the distant mountains.

"This is nice..." He said to himself with a small yawn in his voice.

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