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Tyathe heard the new human screaming in the distance. As he raised his head and opened his eyes he looked and saw the female running away from the group. Sighing he stood up and shoot himself off of any grass that may have decided it wanted to go for a rise. He started walking which quickly turned into a jog. It didn't take much effort to catch up with the new human to Pheyzosia.

As he was quick walking beside the female he said to her softly "I can get you away from them much faster. I assure you I am no threat. I know a village near by that could prove to be of help."

He knew he wasn't the most pleasent of looking creatures she's probably ever seen. Considering his a giant fox with white fur and nine tails that currently wrapped together forming one big tail. But his intentions were sincere, Tyathe was more prone to protect the weaker species then to devour them.

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