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Chaos roared with rage. He took out his sword and looked over to Kyuzo. He was ready to swing his mighty blade when a thought popped into his head. He put away the sword and disapeared back to the underworld, or so it appeared. He turned himself into a small fly after going underground and popped back up. He followed after the girl as fast as he could. He flew up into the trees and changed into a black bird to move faster. Now flying faster he went higher into the trees to avoid being seen. He took the shape of something that would look pleasing to the girl. As he jumped down from the trees, his armored appearence was replaced with another. He now was only 3 feet tall with small sutbby arms connected to his head. His head and body joined into one with large white eyes and a big mouth. For feet, the little creature had black shoes, matching the black color. His cheeks were a rosey red and always had a smile on. Chaos fell down from the ground as this thing and looked over at her. He smiled at her and opened his mouth.

"HIIIII!" he said in an adorable childlike tone.

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