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Thumbs down 3 problems with genuine Battlefront-videogame. Please help me! I'm desperate!


I always thought that if one were to buy a genuine videogame rather than download it off some illegal internet page or copy it of someone else's original - that this person would never face any real problems. How wrong I was ...

I'm having 3 problems with "Star Wars: Battlefront" and any assistance would be more than welcome - thanks already in advance for those who try to help me.

1) I have a powerful computer which I recently and completely (and I mean all 3 hard drives) ran for defragmentation and possible virusses. I also ran a purchased version of Registry Cleaner and CCleaner to delete any possible 'dead files' that only slow down my computer.
The thing is installing Star Wars: Battlefront is extremely slow! I'm talking about more than 5 FULL minutes before it actually begins! What is slowing it down, please-please-please!

After the horrendous job of installing "Star Wars: Battlefront" which takes wááy longer than it's supposed to - I notice that there are 2 crucial things that none of my characters can't do in the game:

2) None of my characters can't heal down. Regardless of what button I assign to healing down (not prawning with your belly onto the ground, but just bending down a little, making your character smaller thus less of a target) - it just won't work!! It's soo frustrating!!

3) When I finally reach one of the red 'receivers' and step on it they don't turn green thus the ENTIRE object of the game is smashed into pieces, because I can never win simply because I'm unable to make all the red signs green!
I think both these problems might be a result of the extremely long time that it takes for "Star Wars: Battlefront" to start installing and lauching the actual game! (Mind you: it's just the initiation of the installing and launching process that takes such a long time. The actual installing of the game and playing of the game goes smooth)

Oh - please, people! I know that there are some geniuses on this forum (that's why I came here). Please tell me what you need for information of my PC and I'll give it to you and hopefully together we can figger this one out.

Many, many, many thanks for anyone who tries to help me here!

Hope to hear something soon ...


Bye for now
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