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Kyuzo wasn't entirely surprised when he felt Emily jerk her hand away. It was to be expected when you were in an unfamiliar land and didn't quite know why, or what importance you were to attract such attention.

"NO!! Stop! Please! Just stop it!! What do you all want from me?! What?! I don't know what you all want... but I've gotta go back home!"

Kyuzo couldn't blame her for wanting to go home, but there was no way to do that, at least he didn't know. Perhaps someone else would, but he knew that she was of great importance to Pheyzosia. She needed to be protected.

"You let her get away!"

Kyuzo turned his head slightly, "Hmm...typical...especially for your type of demon..."

He felt a reverberation in the ground, and he knew that his long time enemy, Chaos, was going to strike him.

The Samurai, made only a fraction of movement, unsheathing his sword/cane by an inch.


The attack didn't come. It wasn't because of Kyuzo for sure...Chaos had something planned.

Kyuzo sheathed the blade again, and followed on the ground that Emily had taken. He moved slowly and cautiously, but he knew that she was not too far ahead.

Suddenly, he heard a peculiar buzzing. A fly...but this fly was different, he could sense it.

He followed the fly, and suddenly, there was a strange impish, perhaps childlike figure in front of him. The fly...but not the fly.


There was no time to waste.

Kyuzo unsheathed his blade and slashed the creature all in one swift movement.

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