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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post

1) The PC of KOTOR is not Revan, but another individual sharing the same body. Revan is neither a strictly LS or DS individual.

2) While we do indeed know the extent of what sort of level Revan is on, I admit we do not have a specific list of powers he may have held. Also, the knowledge of the Ancient Sith is fairly unknown. We are talking about an Order descended from a group of Dark Jedi who explored and mastered the art of manipulating life on the fundamental level who interbred with a highly-force sensitive race. The sort of teachings that Exar Kun's lot discovered was likely a mere scratch on the surface of what later spawned the almost-unstoppable Sith Assassins of Malachor.

3) Simulations always have innate limitations. Terrain is always an important fact in combat. While I think JKA has a great engine, I think that the engine and effects of TFU would be much more suitable for such a simulation (even though my opinion of the plot is low). Even then, there would be limits. What will be the pre-fight conditions? Such things have an impact as well.

I do think it's an interesting idea, I just don't see how it would work.
Isn't there a television show that does this very thing with real life war heros from different eras? I think, it's on the History Channel.

One problem I would see with the Force Unleashed engine is that it was designed with the PlayStation 3 in mind, not PC. And, my little dual core processor cannot comprehend what the eight core PS3 can understand.

After doing this, we would have to remember to animate them with their unique lightsaber styles, too. You get a glimpse of Revan's style if you use all of the special attacks in random order.

Anakin would use the styles from the Revenge of the Sith game.

Second, both possess the Force Choke ability, although Anakin is not as quick to use it.

Anakin's Force Push would be The Force Unleashed push, no doubt about that. When you have that much Force potential and you channel it all into your one living hand, something is going to go flying. (Even Obi-wan)

From the Kotor experience, Revan's is less powerful but is area of effect.

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