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The attack caught chaos by surprise and split his small figure down the middle. He felt a large amount of pain, but he quicky put himself back together. Chaos felt rage go off inside of his mind. He wanted to strike Kyuzo down, once and for all. He didn't want to blow his potential cover. After giving a quick second of thought, he merely stared up at Kyuzo. He knew that Kyuzo didn't believe him but that didn't matter. All that did was getting the girl to believe him. He then turned to look at the girl and let his eyes fill up with tears. The God of Destruction was pretending to cry to make the girl feel sympathy towards him. He made a crying noise and ran up to the girl, hugging her.

"Bad man hurt me, bad man hurt me" he said.

((Here's the adorable little chaos, Awwww!))
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