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Tyathe sat at a distance watching them fight over the human female once again. This whole situation was starting to grow irritating and bothersome. In fact if this kept on going much longer Tyathe might develop more of a headache then he already had thanks to these morons. Standing up slowly he made sure when he brought his front feet down they would strike the ground and send the sound of thunder through the air and vibrate the ground. He knew that doing so might disrupt the Mountain Troll, but he was also certain that the Troll would sense the danger and stay where ever his home was.

"That is enough you two." He said making his voice sound as if it was echoing through the air as he spoke into the minds of them all. "Chaos you are not a child, grow up. You want the human to follow you then allow this one to think for themselves. Or you'll lose... again" his teeth were tightly clenched together as he started to growl towards them.

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