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It didnt take long for Valentine to sneak into the security main office and copy the footage of the last few hours onto his USB stick - which was tied to a string around his neck.

As soon as he went back outside, the police and forensics were still around. Moving in the shadows, he leaped from one wall to the other, until he got atop of the tallest concrete wall. Outside of the stadium, the metalhead fans stood around worrying.

One group he noted in particular; he recognised one of faces as his sworn enemy.

"Conrad Stevenson?" Valentine growled under his breath. "What the hell is he doing here? - Hmm?" He suddenly noticed a bag beneath Valentine. He knealed down and unzipped it. He stood staring at a Longbarreled Sniper Rifle with an added Infrared scope. Valentine zipped the bag abck up with gloved fingers - unsuprised who it belonged too.

He looked back down at Stevenson. "Nevermind. Dont answer that question." It did seem unusual for the head of the AWO to go on one of their hunting trips personally. But if this was the way he worked, then Valentine didnt want to pass judgement; especially if he left his Sniper Rifle alone.

"Might as well trail this guy, and see where he leads me..." Valentine muttered to himself.
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