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Tyathe walked over and sat near the human. Looking at this other creature, there was something about him he didn't entirely trust. There was a smell about him that Tyathe couldn't really put his finger on it. But he hasn't really given him any reason to not trust him. Slowly as to not frighten the human he placed his nose into they're hair and sniffed it taking in her scent. Now if need be he could find her, no matter what.

"Everyone here wants to help you in a different way. Some may not be for the best. It's your choice on you feel will be more helpful." he said softly to her as he placed his forehead against the side of her head and softly nudged it, "Remember young one. Your instincts should be the thing you trust the most. Not the words the flood from our mouths."

Tyathe stood up and started walking towards the forest. What ever this humans choices were, they were her own. And only she could make them. That is something she would have to learn on for herself. At times others won't be there to make choices for her.

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