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Chaos could no longer take the form he stood in. He began to turn back to his human sized form and stood at 7 feet again. He pulled his hand away now that he was much larger that the samurai. He turned to the demon fox and glared at both him and Kyuzo.

"Watch who you are speaking to. You are nothing more than a demon, neither you nor the samurai are of pure god blood as I am."

"C-can you really help me? Can any of you guys help me?"

"My dear, I am a god. I have been on Pheyzosia longer than anyone you have met so far. Not only can I get you home but I can make sure you stay safe here. I know where to go and where not to go. After all it was I who made that mountain troll leave. My dear this world is a dangerous place, I fear war is on its way and a blind man doesn't seem like the best kind of protector to me."

Rather than leave like the other two had, Chaos stood his ground in an attempt to show that he would stand by her no matter what happened. However the main reason was to strike Kyuzo just in case she decided to stay with him.
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