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Tyathe laid down by the tree line wrapping his tail around his body and laying it over his muzzle. His eyes how ever never left the new arrival to Pheyzosia. The girl was frightened, he could smell it even from here. The words from chaos however Tyathe ignored. It was apperant to him that Chaos didn't know how to be a true god. He was just a low life demon, who didn't know how to understand the ones following him.

Once the girl made a choice, Tyathe would just wander away to a different place like he always had done. Every time he had traveled to some place else, it was different, new and exciting. It brought some comfort to his heart and allowed him to relax. Then an idea came to him. Standing up he started walking back to the girl.

As he was walking back he started to change into his human form. As cramped as it was he allowed him to take up less space around the girl. His long white hair fell down to the middle of his back, as his right arm started to glow red as if infected by something. His eyes however remained a dark blue-reddish color, with a black pupil.

Tyathe sat next to the girl once again as his right hand touched the ground before his real end. The fingers of his left hand ran down through his long hair and grabbed the end of it. He pulled it from his back over to the front of his body, taking the nails from his right hand he cut off a section of his hair. Grabbing each end of his hair with his hands, and started spinning it in circles. His eyes watched it spinning carefully with a smile upon his face.

Holding each end of his now twisted hair Tyathe gestured to the human females wrist saying "May I? I promise I wont hurt you."

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