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Originally Posted by DarkStarMojo View Post
I'm not a moderator so I have no control over what threads get locked/re-opened. I should probably contact Darth Linux about that or an LFN administrator.

Thanks for the feedback!
I'll just post the bugs I encountered and overall feedback right here then.

- The circular elevator platforms are mostly black when looked at from the bottom.
- Clipping errors when looking down the various falls.
- I don't know if I missed something, but I got stuck, as I mentioned in the other thread. Even after noclipping everywhere, I couldn't figure out what's wrong.
- mission text is overlapping the buttons, and the scroll bar is inoperable.
- in the mountain area at the beginning, there are a few strange holes between the wall and the floor in some spots, you can see the sky through.
- I could get stuck by jumping behind some crates near the cell.
- The final lift can be operated to go back down, but not up again, so you're stuck.
- Right after jumping across the elevator shafts, at the crusher, you can see through the wall when jumped onto it (not before death is unavoidable, though).
In all levels:
- Those floating black spheres look distorted during their attack. And they'll continue hurting even after you destroyed them.
- Some movie sequences show interlacing artifacts. They really should be rendered progressive, as this is a PC game and no console port for TV sets. Also, the movies seem distorted, ie. planets are heavily squeezed. (I'm running the game in a 4:3 resolution with square pixels.)
- You can select other text language than English, but the buttons have no text then.
- Some switches don't work when standing right in front of it. But when I take a step back, they do.

And here is some general feedback about what I think:
What I like:
- The added detail gives the maps a lot. Talay really feels big and like a real city now. The generator is much more believable in this version.
- Some puzzles are altered in a clever way, making it even more worth playing this after the original Dark Forces. The water part in Testbase is a nice example of this.
- Bodies don't throw security keys away like in other games. Instead, you can actually see them in the body's pocket.
- Newly recorded voice acting. Good performance, good directing.
- Honors the order of mission objectives. (In the original game in Secbase, you could get to the roof and pick up the plans afterwards, and you're done without getting back to the roof, which makes no sense. You're solution clearly is more logical.)

What I didn't like:
- At the briefing in the first cutscene, the characters seem to stand ridiculously far away from each other. I'd say, it wouldn't hurt to move them a bit closer together.
- No current in Sewers. No fluid at all in the tube back to the center switch room.
- In Testbase, it seems strange that the Moldy Crow picks you up at a different site. (Was this the case in the original game? I don't remember, but it feels odd.)
- Dtention is my favorite map of the original Dark Forces, since it has some really clever puzzles in it. I just wrote what I think about it.

And about the missing features, I think you're well aware of them. But just in case I missed something: Headlights and batteries for it, player name, grenade throwing animation, automap, supershield, mine jumping. The latter, I could well live without it, but speedrunners would miss it.

And interestingly, you included some very incomplete versions of some later maps in the 6 level demo.

In any case, I'd like to see this mod fixed and finished one day.
Keep up the great work.
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