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Hi there, sorry for not replying to this sooner. I did a lot of my research on the Amiga version (on an actual Amiga - it's the only version I had when I started the guide)... Are you running it through WinUAE or ScummVM? You're probably aware that the IQ points system is odd as the file is only written to on saving or loading.

Although I later bought the hint book and did notice some differences (which I thought might be mistakes in the book, although I never double checked :/ ), I now can't find it I'm not sure if the game is supposed to give you unique IQ points for your first presumed error, although it would certainly make sense. The guide, as you say, would probably help here

Again, for error #2 this may not be a mistake... you may have gone into further detail than anyone else ever has?

From ATM's screenshot it would seem to me that there should be a "Perfect!" episode score... that might help us understand if there's bugs anywhere if someone found out what it's supposed to be.

Are you having difficulty getting all 800 points on the Amiga version? (Can't remember if I ever managed it myself.)

Why not pick up the PC version from Steam ( It's only £2.99/$4.99 and isn't run in any sort of emulated environment (which might actually cause weird errors), and see if these same issues exist? I would be interested to hear what you discover!

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