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but how do I know that it will mess up again. I have spent a lot of time to start over and over again... this is what happens, I go to the secret academy on the surface of Telos (polar region), I get in and I am suppose to drop my weapons I do.. and it's to cut away to Atton and Kreia in prison .. but they don't. I talk to "the" handmaiden and then they (At and Kr) sitting behind me and I can't move the story any further. To do anything at that point you have to talk to Atton, goes to cina-screen... and it gives you two options

"cheat node"skip to conversation with Atris pc ( or something like that)
"cheat node" continue conversation with Kreia.

It's stuck.. I can talk to Atris but nothing else happens.

this is a known issue.....

hasn't their been another fix for this.... like I said.. I can start ALL OVER AGAIN. but if I hit this snag again. it will suck.
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